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We Can Help You Make A Fresh Start!

ReBound Chicago has been busy all summer!  Some of our jobs have been helping home owners ready their homes to be placed on the market. We have removed hot tubs, and restored spaces so they can be staged and photographed beautifully for sale.  We have cleared storage units that were filled to the brim with items that their owners had moved past wanting, or needing.  We also removed construction materials to prepare commercial spaces for brand new projects. ReBound Chicago even got to help clear a local school of unneeded  books and school supplies. The best part...they got donated to local charities. Restoring homes or businesses to organized, clutter free spaces is what we do incredibly well.

We are now offering a special intro rate for our Space Clearing and Restoration Services. Maybe you have an area in your home or business that has gotten a little out of control. A garage that needs attention,  a basement that you avoid due to its disorganization, or you just have too much stuff!

 Whatever your challenge, we can help.

Adrian Enochian