ReBound Chicago

Our Mission


ReBound  believes that everything and anything should be Recycled, Reused or Repurposed. All unwanted items have a place, and its our job to find where they should be relocated. The dump or a landfill is our very last option. Our first stop is charity, next is recycling, then items that do not qualify for those two categories are very carefully selected to be disposed. Your items deserve more than a one way ticket to the landfill. We are committed to a sustainable environment in an industry that is not always known for being Green and Eco-Friendly.

ReBound believes that for every unwanted household item in good working order, or piece of clothing that is in good condition, there is a charity that is grateful to have it. We put unwanted items in the hands of charities whenever possible, so that items can be passed along to others who can really use them. Our client's take pride in the positive impact they have made through donations on their behalf, or of their loved ones. We are committed to reusing, donating and recycling as many items as possible. We are  very intentional about making every attempt to not use a landfill for unwanted items. We love to come up with alternative uses for unwanted items, which is among one of the many things that sets ReBound apart from other companies.

Unwanted items may be donated to a charity of your choosing.

We always ensure that our clients are provided with these receipts for tax purposes. Often clients ask us to discard their unwanted furniture. We struggled with how we could find good and useful ways to repurpose some of these old and damaged, but sometimes very remarkable pieces. We started with a few small items that were easily restructured and reupholstered. When these items were restored, we realized that many people loved the idea of repurposing and reusing old items as much as we do. These items found new homes, and they were once again cherished. Out of this idea, ReBound Furnishings was born. Frequently we find exceptional  and unique furniture pieces. They are usually in desperate need of complete repair.  The outcome is always extraordinary. This kind of Reuse of old and unusable items is directly in keeping with ReBound's belief that most every item can be reused, recycled and repurposed. Please see our inventory of exceptional and unique items that have been made new again.